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We are lucky enough to work in one of the largest growing tech markets in the world. Toronto now outranks many North American cities when it comes to high-tech sector jobs. The GTA is now home to over 290,000 skilled employees. If you are interested in building a high-tech business, there is no place better than here.

The Greater Toronto Area is home to not only a large population of dynamic, talented professionals with highly marketable skills, but also a wide range of industries and applications. At TalentLab, we strive to connect employers and employees in this vibrant and tech-focused region. Whether you work in Web 3.0, know the A-B-Cs of SaaS or otherwise, we have the insights and expertise needed to help ensure the best possible placement experiences.

Our specialization and expertise in the GTA include the following:

  • Semiconductor – Engineers who design the most essential components of electronic devices, enabling advances in communications, computing, healthcare, military systems, transportation, clean energy, and countless other applications.


  • Hardware – Engineers who research, design, develop, and test computer systems and components such as processors, circuit boards, memory devices, networks, and routers.


  • Web 3.0 – Engineers who are building the next generation of the decentralized web, leveraging bleeding edge concepts like AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain


  • ECommerce – Engineers that focus on the different transactional relationships between businesses and consumers and lead the charge to protect consumer data and financial transactions.


  • SaaS – Engineers who design cloud-based software solutions in which software providers deliver applications and business tools to users over the internet.


  • Crypto – Engineers who create digital assets using cryptographic techniques that enable people to buy, sell or trade them securely.

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By the Numbers 

  • Over 6.4 million people
  • A labour force of more than 4.7 million
  • Over 800,000 businesses
  • 38 % of Canada’s business headquarters call Toronto home
  • 18 % of Canada’s total GDP
  • A CDN $332 billion economy
  • The largest city in Canada by population
  • Toronto is the largest contributor to the Canadian economy, at 20% of national GDP
  • Toronto is the banking and stock exchange centre of Canada and is the country’s primary wholesale and distribution point


The University of Toronto. Largely considered one of the best universities in Canada, UofT has several achievements to its name, including Canada’s first academic publishing house, the first forest science faculty in the country, and becoming the first Canadian university to reach more than C$1 billion (£586 million) in endowment. It’s also the only school in the province that can boast 5 past prime ministers as alumni.

York University.  York University is known for championing innovative research practices. York U is an internationally recognized research university – its 11 faculties and 25 research centres have partnerships with 280 leading universities worldwide.

Ryerson. Named after Ontario’s first Superintendent of Education and leading public-school advocate, Egerton Ryerson, it began as a postsecondary institute designed to combine technical education with academic theory for the first time. The original business incubator, the DMZ, opened in 2010 and has helped develop more than 370 technology start-ups that have raised more than $530 million in seed funding and fostered the creation of more than 3,500 jobs.

George Brown. In early 2019, George Brown College opened a new 103,000 sq. foot facility housing a research hub, facilities for hands-on learning and collaboration, and several school of design programs. 98% of programs offered at the college have a field education component, a number set to increase to 100% by 2020.

High Growth Sectors




Life Sciences

General Fun Facts

Tech reigns in TO. Toronto is the fastest-growing tech market in North America.

It’s multi-cultural. In fact, over 140 languages and dialects are spoken in Toronto, and about 26% of the people who live in Toronto speak a language other than English or French at home

It’s safe. In fact, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Safe Cities Index, ranked Toronto at 4th out of 50 cities in 2017.

It’s green. There are over 1,600 named parks here, as well as over 200 kilometers of trails, many of which are suitable for both hiking and biking. You can even camp right in the city in Rouge National Urban Park.

It has history. Hanlan’s Point Stadium in Centre Island is where Babe Ruth made his first professional home run.

It has tech cred. Toronto’s major contributions to technology include advancements in satellite communications, digital microwave transmission, and data distribution networks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about the Toronto tech market?
As of 2019, Toronto has officially been named the ‘fastest-growing tech market’, finally beating out Silicon Valley. The most cited reason is our amazing homegrown tech talent, making Toronto the perfect locale for high-tech and digital start-ups. With incubators like the MaRS Discovery District, co-working spaces like WeWork, and many accessible grants and mentorships, the city is ready to transform tech entrepreneurs’ dreams into realities. Hailed the ‘Silicon of the North’, Toronto is not just competing against well-known American tech markets like Austin, Portland, and SanFran, it’s become the front runner to beat.
How can Talentlab help give Toronto tech talent a competitive edge?

Toronto is an extremely competitive market for high-tech and digital job seekers. As one of the fastest-growing markets in North America, hundreds of new tech companies and roles are being created daily. With that in mind, it can be difficult for job seekers to navigate through the noise to find the right next step. Talentlab has two decades of experience recruiting in the GTA, paired with deep technical knowledge, and it shows. Talentlab can help narrow your list to only the employers who will provide the right challenges to support your career growth. As your partner in your career search, we can transfer our knowledge to you, offering helpful tips about what to ask, what to negotiate around, and what to pass on. At Talentlab, it’s our goal to reduce the stress of job hunting, keep you focused on the best roles, and prepare you for even the toughest interviews.

How can Talentlab help your high-tech employment brand stand out against local Toronto competitors?

Recruiting technical talent in Toronto requires more persistence and market knowledge today than ever before. With major growth, comes fierce competition. As a result, there are several high in-demand technical skillsets that every high-tech company in the GTA is fighting for — making it a candidate’s market. It’s never been more vital to have a healthy employment brand that helps differentiate you from the hundreds of other competitors in your backyard. Hiring teams need credible recruitment partners who can help establish a value proposition that will appeal to top-performing talent. At Talentlab, we have great experience working with high-tech partners whether rehabilitating failing Toronto employment brands, designing tailored talent marketing strategies or providing crucial feedback on failing recruitment practices that we know won’t work. We will give you the competitive intelligence and strategy you need to bring in the best possible talent regardless of market conditions


“I feel very confident in recommending Talentlab’s services. They have displayed integrity and honesty in every interaction, truly supported our business goals and have always exceeded our expectations.”

– Francis Torres, COO @ Interad Design Agency


“Talentlab’s flexibility to adapt quickly to our changing business needs has helped Intel Canada meet recruitment objectives in various business units. They have gone above and beyond to create effective processes, metrics, and candidate experiences that align well with Intel’s established recruitment program.”

– Jennifer Pakert, Business Operations Manager @ Intel Canada

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