Our client is a global leader in high-speed connectivity for the world’s technology infrastructure. They build industry-leading wired connectivity solutions that enable data to travel faster, more reliably, and with higher performance at lower power.


Technical Recruiting Challenge

The search for talented individuals in highly specialized roles and industries has become exacerbated as talent pools have reduced. Hiring for technical positions requires more than a simple standardized blurb that includes the company overview and qualifications needed.

With proactive, adaptable and expert hiring support, the elongated journey to finding the right people, or person, becomes a straightforward process that leads to continued success. Here’s how TalentLab achieved this for a semiconductor company.


Industry and Technical Focus

This client develops IP and SOCs for high-speed connectivity. The technical skills required were primarily Analog and Digital IC Design and Layout, along with System Design, System Validation and Program Management.



As a tier-1 outsourced talent partner, we focused our efforts on providing recruitment assistance to augment the internal recruitment team.
From a company perspective, the client needed to hire high-in-demand talent to fast-track execution of their roadmap SERDES IP and SOC products related to data centres and high-speed networks.



There’s an incredibly competitive labour market for hardware talent in Ontario. This is only made more challenging by the general resistance to required onsite lab-related work, and a hardware talent shortage across North America.
Further, industry-wide retention efforts have created an overall lack of candidate motivation to consider new roles within the hardware industry. This coattails the high volume of highly technical and specialized candidate profiles that were required to be vetted in a short time frame.



Despite potential challenges, we avoided pitfalls by managing the entire recruitment process, from developing sourcing strategies, managing candidate experience and leading salary negotiations. Our team extrapolated extensive market intelligence gained through specializing in hardware recruitment for over 20 years as a blueprint to inform our methodology. 

  • Targeted passive talent already employed in similar positions
  • Identified better candidates with the required skills through proprietary screening
  • Leveraged long-term relationships with hiring managers to consult on developing job marketable descriptions and positioning benefits to rival competitors 
  • Worked with the internal recruitment team to provide market intelligence, salary data and overall hardware industry knowledge to help future workforce planning efforts



TalentLab was able to succeed in finding the critical talent needed to address significant business challenges and promote growth. Our recruitment support resulted in the client achieving their immediate goals and resulted in the highest semiconductor IPO valuation in Canadian history.


Key Takeaways


  • We are experiencing a talent scarcity, and new, more modern ‘human-centric’ approaches to recruitment are critical to success.
  • Top talent is aware they are in high demand, are using this advantage to negotiate more flexibility, and are less inclined to accept traditional ‘in-office’ job opportunities.
  • 3. Employers that are proactive in attracting top talent via agency partners and other channels are successfully managing growth compared to employers still operating with a talent surplus mindset.

Sarah Doughty

Sarah is a seasoned recruitment advisor, with a background in hard-to-find technical talent searches. Over the course of her career she has worked with hundreds of clients building high-tech employment brands, leading recruitment teams, marketing candidates, executing passive search strategies, and developing expansive passive candidate pools in key markets across North America. Sarah excels in tough situations that require creativity and tenacity to overcome challenges.