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We are not your average technology recruitment firm. Whether it’s the elusive dream role you’ve always wanted or the star employee that will take your business to the next level, Talentlab is here to make sure no one accepts ‘good enough’ again. Welcome to staffing done right.

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Whether you’re a startup or an established company, our scope of service and experience will increase your competitive advantage.

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Our clients hire us to find top tech talent! That’s you! And, if your skills and experience match one of our clients, we will personally walk you through the interview and negotiation process.

“They are smart, consistent, dependable, and really care about the clients they work with. I trust TalentLab to represent my company & brand in the marketplace, as I would.”

Kylie Hurst
Growth Advisor, Talent Magnet

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At Talentlab, we truly believe technology is our business. From using the newest sourcing strategies to find hidden talent to the tracking of the latest technology trends, Talentlab is always one step ahead. We believe the key to our success is our continued focus on understanding the challenges tech employees and employers face every day.

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Talentlab is known for our extensive network of top tech talent, our dedication to finding the perfect candidate regardless of the obstacles, and our ability to deliver on our word. Whether it’s temporary or permanent staffing, you can expect the best from Talentlab every time.

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At Talentlab we hold ourselves to the highest standards. We want every placement to be special and we work hard to ask tough questions, pull loose threads, and leave no stone unturned. With more than 20 years of experience in technology recruitment, we understand the importance of investing in long-term results. Let Talentlab make sure you never make a career misstep or bad hire again.

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